Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Siza Ndlovu. I’m a 29 year old newly wed from South Africa and I was born and bred in a city called Johannesburg. I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and I’m currently working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I’m also a content creator with a couples YouTube channel with my Husband and I’m a Self Love Activist.

How long ago did you get into content creation?

I’ve been in contention creation for about 2 years now. I think things started getting really serious during our National Lockdown because of the Corona Virus. That’s when I started being intentional about creating content.

Any advice on how to break into this industry?

BE YOURSELF! That is the only foundation I had when I started. People already liked Siza as a person and what she stood for and I just built on that and continued creating more content around me, what a like, and what I stood for.

What is it like working with your husband? What has been some of the most rewarding moments working with your husband?

It’s absolutely amazing. My Husband is first of all my Best Friend so being able to build something with your Bestie from scratch and watch it grow has been so rewarding. What’s also been rewarding is being able to see how far we’ve come and just the thought of how much more we still would like to achieve is both heartwarming and motivating to keep going.

And how to do you juggle creating content and working your regular day job? Is it hard to strike a balance between the both?

It’s definitely very challenging. My regular day job takes up a lot of my time which then only leaves weekends for me to create content and edit it. On top of all of that I still need to find/make some time to spend and be with my Husband, just the two of us without any external distractions from the world. Working together can also blur the lines abit which could make it very easy to neglect being fully present in our union which is something we both constantly work on avoiding.

I know you’re a big self-love advocate, what are your top tips that we can do to take care of ourselves?

  • Fist step, if you don’t like how you look/feel then CHANGE IT, if not then start working on learning to love the whole of you.
  • Self love starts with Self acceptance.
  • Clap for the parts of you that society would never be caught dead celebrating.
  • Self love STARTS WITH YOU! You need to love yourself 1st
  • Never apologize for who or what you are!
  • Celebrate your body and Self affirm yourself each and every day!!!!
  • Normalize taking care of yourself and putting yourself 1st. If it means learning to say no then do so, if it means being alil selfish then do so. You can not pour from an empty cup, so make sure you’re filled up.
  • Protect your peace and live your best life however the way you want. Don’t ever let anything stop you, ESPECIALLY other people’s opinions about you, your looks, or your abilities. Remember, you have nothing to do with those!

And I know summer just ended in your part of the world, but what swimsuits styles were you most excited to wear?

Definitely two pieces!!! I loooove showing some skin! I love it when the sun shines on my body and I just love the warmer seasons, period! If a swimsuit is a two piece then I love it, if it’s sexy then I love it, if it’s daring then I love it lol.

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