Simple, Fun Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

We can all agree that moms are especially deserving of a nice Mother’s Day in 2021, and we’re totally here for it.

If this is your first Mother’s Day as a mom, congratulations! If your kids are older, perhaps you already have an idea of how this holiday will play out, owing to beloved and firmly set family traditions.

But if you don’t have a plan for Mother’s Day, take a little time to consider what you want your special day to look like. If you’re unsure where to start, what to do, or need some inspiration, we’ve gathered a few low-key (but fun!) ways to celebrate, all detailed out below.

Mother’s Day Activities With Babies:

Mommy & Me Photoshoot

Give yourself a lasting gift by capturing your baby’s first Mother’s Day on-camera with a laid-back photoshoot. We aren’t talking about booking a photographer and throwing down serious bucks, either. We advise along the lines of setting aside a specific time to snap pics with your baby.

This can be accomplished post-nap, so wee ones are at their happiest and most chilled-out. Head outside to maximize the natural light and, if you can do so, plan it for either earlier in the day or later in the afternoon, to avoid the harsh shadows (and higher heat) of the midday hours. Think beyond staring directly at the smartphone, too. Some of the sweetest pictures are candid and unstudied ones that show the intimate bond between a mother and her child.

Make Handprint And Footprint Crafts

Sure, you could make crafts anytime you want to, but it’s nice to have an activity scheduled for Mother’s Day. Plus, making a memento tied to this specific one is a perfect way to pause time during a first year that can feel like a blur of sleepless nights and endless diaper changes.

For 2-D prints, dip your little one’s hands and feet in a small amount of water-soluble non-toxic paint on a paper plate, then press their mitts and toesies onto craft paper. If they are too young to know what’s going on, you can be in charge of decoration after that––turn their prints into flowers, butterflies, or anywhere else your imagination takes you. If they are old enough to get in on the decorating action (approximately ages 9 months old and up), make a bunch of handprint/footprint art “starters” to let your bub finger paint or scribble on top of (and keep one good set for you). If you can do this art project outside, great! If not, consider an inexpensive tarp or a cheap tablecloth to keep residual paint limited to a particular area.

Mother’s Day Activities With Little Kids:

Match Swimsuits At The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to be someplace warm for Mother’s Day, chances are you’ll hit the beach as family. There’s nothing better than playing with your tykes at the shore, but take a moment to get some relaxation, too, while they amuse themselves with sandcastles and such. Before you get there, you’ll want to differentiate this Mother’s Day trip to the beach from any other trip to the beach by donning matching swimsuits. What could be cuter?

If you want to go the exact-duplicate route, consider a one-piece swimsuit that’s as adorable on your mini as it is on you, like Yellow And White One Piece Swimsuit For Toddler Girls And Girls for her and the Yellow And White V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit for you. There are other methods to try if you’d rather not wear identical swimsuits, though, such as sporting similar silhouettes. Your little lady can opt for the One Piece Swimsuit For Toddler Girls And Girls, while you can get into the Striped And Floral O-Ring One Piece Swimsuit. They both feature cutouts at the tummy and the same style of ring accent at the bust, but the overall look isn’t as matchy-matchy.

Mommy & Me Picnic

Brunch with the fam is great, and we aren’t knocking breakfast in bed (mmmm, burned toast and spilled juice!). Ok, maybe we are knocking it, but only because we know we’re gonna be the ones cleaning it up. Rather than that, how about planning a mini picnic with your little person/people? It’s about quality time on Mother’s Day, so you can hold in the backyard if you want to and there’s no need for a major spread, either.

If you’re setting up in the yard, you can create a picnic as elaborate or as basic as you want since the house is right there. However, if you plan to head to the park for your mommy-and-me moment, check to see if there are picnic tables installed there already, since that makes things ultra-easy.

If picnic tables aren’t available or you prefer a classic on-the-ground picnic, bring along a washable blanket or tarp and tote along a few unfussy things to eat and drink, chosen according to the time of day that you’re picnicking and what both of you enjoy. Pick finger-friendly foods but upgraded a notch: mini sandwiches cut into hearts, fruit skewers, plus turkey and cheese roll-ups (ham, salami, or cheese-only for vegetarians are good) held in place with colorful toothpicks. Decorated mini cupcakes (picked up from the store to keep it simple) make a festive finish to your Mother’s Day picnic, too.

Mother’s Day Activities With Big Kids:

Stage A Sing-Along (or Lip Sync-Along)

Moms of older kids remember every phase of their children’s musical evolution––the “Mary Had a Little Lamb” stage, the “Baby Shark” stage, the “Let It Go” stage––with a shudder of relief that they are no longer required to hear those tunes on repeat. Now that the littles ones are kinda big, you’ve likely introduced them to tunes that you enjoy and seen their tastes evolve. Celebrate this (and the fact that Baby Beluga is in your rear-view mirror!) with a Mother’s Day sing-along or lip sync-along.

Even if your kids aren't normally inclined towards performing, they’ll want to impress you on Mother’s Day. Start by setting the “stage” by laying a sheet or towel over a sturdy crate to create a platform, and keep some rounded utensils, like whisks or spoons nearby to serve as microphones. Create a playlist on your favorite music app or Youtube––maybe throw in a few mom-related songs into the mix (“Mama Said” by the Shirelles is a classic––and prepare for a throw down! You can take turns singing or lip-syncing to songs, or let your kids really lean into it and steal the spotlight while you play DJ, helping them by skipping to the chorus or onto the next ditty at their cue.

Pot Some Plants Together

Yes, getting kids to do chores we’ll go with challenging…even at the best of times. But planting flowers, herbs, or shrubs together isn’t really a chore––it’s a way to keep your children’s hands busy by letting ‘em play in the dirt. That it also happens to add natural beauty to your home and garden is just a pleasant byproduct of the process. Pitch it as a fun Mother’s Day activity for you and your child to do together and you might be surprised by the positive reaction.

Begin by figuring out what plants you’re going to pot and where you intend to put them. Maybe you already have planters, potting soil, rocks, and garden gear galore, but if not, you can stop by a garden supply store, a plant nursery, or even a hardware store to ask for help with your selections. Gather all your supplies outside, along with your plants and your little helper(s) and get down to business. Bright, vibrant flowers like geraniums and petunias make a colorful splash, are easy to grow in planters, and are generally kid-friendly since they’ll tolerate less-than-meticulous potting. Herbs are another good choice for planting together. It’s near-certain that your children have tasted mint already, so introduce them to other common herbs like basil, rosemary, and oregano. You can enjoy it together as your potted plants grow over the coming months, too.

Remember, It’s Your Day

Moms are the bosses today (even more than usual), so it’s fine if there is something else you’d rather do without the kids…a luxuriant bath or a manicure/pedicure comes distinctly to mind. The important thing is to enjoy your Mother’s Day––you definitely deserve it!

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