Pick Your Swimsuit By Favorite Beach Drink

Picture it: the time has arrived to pick your new swimsuit, but the options quickly overwhelm you. It’s a relatable feeling, so we’ve figured out a fun way to narrow down all those choices…by suggesting new swimwear styles to try based on your favorite beach beverage. Simply read on, select your refreshment of choice, and we’ll handle the bathing suit part for you!

If you like piña coladas (and getting caught in the rain): Tropical Ruffle Halter High Waisted Bikini

Decadent and dessert-like, the piña colada is the rich but potent potable (yes, that’s an O.G. Jeopardy nod) we imagine when we think of far-flung beach vacations. Side note: does anyone make these at home? The mere thought of cleaning the blender always seems to deter us. But never mind the prep or mess: one taste and you’re immediately transported to paradise, complete with crystalline waters, sandy shoreline, and palm trees galore. If this cocktail rates high on your list, consider taking a sartorial trip to the tropics in a two-piece swimsuit like the Tropical Ruffle Halter High Waisted Bikini. The bright colors, lush foliage print, and flirty ruffled trim are the swimwear equivalent of this beloved frothy coconut, pineapple, and rum concoction.

If coconut water is the star of your wellness regime: Wild Safari High Waisted Halter Bikini

It’s all about Pura Vida for you, dear lady––your body is a temple, and it runs on nature’s bounty, nothing artificial. You’ve been known to throw a straw into a coconut when you’re on the beach, especially considering that the replenishing electrolytes in this elixir help to boost hydration levels (and you’ll definitely need to rehydrate after soaking up all that sun). Make another natural choice for when it comes to your swimsuit, just as would for your surfside sip. The Wild Safari High Waisted Halter Bikini brings the wildlife to wherever you happen to be, whether it’s a surf lodge in Costa Rica or in the backyard blow-up pool.

If “rosé all day” is more like a life motto: Love Story Lace Up Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

It’s like this: you started off thinking “ooh, pink wine!” but along the way somewhere, you became a true connoisseur of rosé. You’ve uncorked bottles from across the U.S. and around the globe (okay, even some cans, too…) and there’s no way you’d switch your chilled glass of wine for some too-sweet cocktail-esque nonsense if you’re hanging out in the poolside cabana. We hear you, lady! Match your look to your love of rosé––in an elevated way––via the Love Story Lace Up Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit. With its blushing pink hue and neckline trimmed with ruffles, this one-piece suit is sophisticated but fun, just like you...and your tipple of choice.

If sweet tea’s the only way you’d ever “take” your tea: Floral And Striped Scalloped One-Piece Swimsuit

Let the naysayers have their tart-tasting Arnold Palmers. Sweet tea is the de facto soft drink of the South. A heavy pour of simple syrup (or just straight sugar, mixed in until it dissolves) mellows the base of black tea, resulting in a toothsome beverage that cools off the body and the mouth; if you’ve ever gulped it down after eating something spicy, you’ll know exactly what we mean. If sweet tea, simultaneously genteel and unfussy, is your preferred bev for the beach, then you’re likely to love the Floral And Striped Scalloped One-Piece Swimsuit, too. This ladylike bathing suit features blooming florals printed over stripes, all trimmed with dainty scalloped edges. A sultry corset-laced neckline keeps it from tipping into saccharine territory.

If your cooler is stocked with spiked seltzer: Green Smocked Strappy Low Rise Bikini

Happily for you, these days you can find your beloved spiked seltzer anywhere there’s sunshine and water. That’s a good thing, since this imbibable is less filling, less caloric, and lower in alcohol than other beach drinks––perfect if you plan to play a little beach volleyball or paddle around a bit. Brands seem to be on the bandwagon, too, since new iterations of this libation seem to multiply by the day (sorry, White Claw brand loyalists). Like spiked seltzer, smocked swimwear is another trend on the ascent. Get in on the ground floor with the Green Smocked Strappy Low Rise Bikini, which features lots of puckered texture and a skin-baring silhouette. Multiple strappy details on top and bottom give it a graphic and modern look, too.

If you raise a foam can holder to beer: Lasting Appeal Stripe One-Piece Swimsuit

Perhaps you’re probably thinking, “why make things harder than they need to be?” And you’d be right! A beach day is supposed to be relaxing, so all the better if you can roll up to the shore without fancy (read: expensive) double-wall insulated cups, over-involved cocktail recipes, or hard-to-find ingredients. A cooler full of ice, frosty cans of beer, and some well-loved (read: beat-up) coozies do the trick every time. If brews are your perennial must-have for the beach, then it’ll be samesies with a striped swimsuit. Classics like the Lasting Appeal Stripe One-Piece Swimsuit never go out of style––simple and chic, this maillot makes it look like everyone else is trying too hard. Added bonus: the plunging neckline is proof that staples can also be quite sexy.

If you’re an Arnold Palmer fan: Blue Floral And Striped Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit 

The fancier and less cloying cousin of sweet tea, the Arnold Palmer (also known as a Half & Half) mixes bracingly tannic iced tea with sweet but mouth-puckering lemonade into a thirst-quenching, beach-appropriate quaff. If you’ve been known to down a poolside Arnold Palmer or five in your day, it’s probably because you enjoy how it combines multiple flavors at the same time. Similarly, the Blue Floral And Striped Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit fuses two seemingly disparate patterns––floral print and cabana stripes––into one cohesive and totally cute look. Quite like the Arnold Palmer itself, this combo is slightly unexpected, but totally works.

If your reusable cup contains iced matcha latte: Dusty Green Strappy Wrap Bikini

You’re certainly aware of the health benefits that come along with matcha, but whether you’re hooked because of its fresh, grassy taste or due to its cool-girl street cred…well, that’s for you to know and your social media followers to wonder. One thing is sure: iced almond/oat/hemp/whatever other “milk” of the moment matcha lattes do make lovely coolers for the beach. They’re virtuous-seeming, a little edgy, and definitely trendy––not unlike the Dusty Green Strappy Wrap Bikini. This two-piece swimsuit plays it both ways: subdued (the chill hue, a mere few shades darker than matcha) and sprightly (the clever macramé braiding), kind of like how you’re fueled by matcha’s bevvy of antioxidants but wouldn’t say no to a couple pumps of vanilla syrup in your Venti, either.

If it’s water only for you: Forever Femme V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit

The words you live by: keep it simple, sister. Other beach drinks weigh you down with calories, fill you up with alcohol, or taste gross after you accidentally let all the ice melt in the sun. Not so with water! There’s no need for anything else when a gulp of refreshing water will do wonders at reviving your pep and upping your hydration levels. Ditto goes for the Forever Femme V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit. Why play around with a million bells and whistles? You already know this swimsuit will work. The sky-blue hue, the textured fabric, the trend-proof silhouette...everyone should have a fresh take on a basic one-piece that’s as beautiful as this.

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