New swim based on your way to cool off

Everybody’s got their method when it comes to picking a new swimsuit for the summer. Some keep it simple, going for the same styles and colors season after season. Others search for new suits based on their body types or what’s trending that year. But where’s the excitement in that? Instead, we’re offering you a new way to select a new bathing suit: one based on your preferred way to keep cool during the height of summer’s heat. Read on and get inspired to find your next favorite bikini, one-piece, or both!

Sun Hat

You never leave home without your favorite accessory, the one that makes summer sun tolerable and looks cute to boot. Whether it’s made of a breezy straw weave, washable cotton twill, or tech fabrics designed specifically to keep you cool, a good sun hat is like a wearable beach umbrella…only infinitely lighter and more portable. Dramatic wide-brimmed styles provide extra shade and plenty of Fashion with a capital F. Bucket hats, baseball caps and other silhouettes keep the sun off your face and pack up easily. With this in mind, build your new swimwear look from your sun hat on down. Romantic styles like the Red Ruffled Plunging Neckline One-Piece Swimsuit work particularly well with floppy straw hats, lending a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to your beach ensemble. Retro-inspired striped bathing suits, such as the Colorful Striped Bandeau Bikini, match the low-key vibes of bucket hats. For baseball hat fans, similarly sporty swimsuits like the Neon Green Knot Bikini offer athletic touches (piping trim, wide-strap bralette top) with a dash of feminine appeal––check out the sexy cutout in front!

 Red Ruffled Plunging Neckline One-Piece Swimsuit 

Colorful Striped Bandeau Bikini

Neon Green Knot Bikini 

Extra Hydration

Always at the ready, your giant Kleen Kanteen (or whichever other thermos brand is getting media play these days) full of water is more dependable than a best friend. It reliably rehydrates you when the sun’s rays sap your energy, reviving you in the same way that a wilted plant springs back to life after a thorough drenching of summer rain. Increasing your water intake is a good idea in all seasons, but it’s a particularly effective way to cool yourself down when the heat is out of control (as you already know). Mimic this hydrating effect of with a blue swimsuit and get ready to meet the first match we’ve made for you: the Blue Abstract Tie-Dye Print Bikini. This unique blue-and-white take on tie-dye evokes the dappled blue of the water as the sun dances on top of the waves. Another solid option, the Navy Blue Ribbed And Strappy Bikini feels appealingly nautical, with chic sailor-striped straps and a tonal striped body for extra contrast.

Blue Abstract Tie-Dye Print Bikini

Navy Blue Ribbed And Strappy Bikini

Personal Fan

Maybe you’re old-school and whip out a collapsible fabric fan (à la flamenco dancers) when temps rise. Or perhaps you opt for wearable devices that need only a quick charge of the USB outlet to keep the air circulating around you. Either way, a personal fan creates a cooling burst of air when you need it the most. Though it’s sometimes overlooked, this summer staple brings that needed relief fast and conveniently––it’s not like you can carry a swimming pool around or keep ice cubes in your purse at all times. A personal fan also says good things about you: you’re pragmatic and always on the go, so your swimsuit choices should be just as practical. Reversible bikinis are the way to go. Wear the Retro Mini Floral V-Neck Bikini, with both pieces on the green foulard floral-print side for a fully matched look one day, then switch it up the next by flipping the bikini bottom to the solid bright-red reverse. There’s another opportunity to mix things up in a good way with the Blue Ruffled One Shoulder High Waisted Bikini, which reverses from solid cornflower blue to a multicolored floral print on the bottom. The one-shouldered styling remains insanely chic either way you wear it.

Retro Mini Floral V-Neck Bikini

Blue Ruffled One Shoulder High Waisted Bikini

Dips in the Pool

Other people can keep their frosty A/C to themselves, thank you very much. If they need you, you can be found patio-side when the mercury climbs. After all, you’re not heading inside to cool off if you can quickly balance out your body temperature with a bracing dip into the swimming pool. A dunk into brisk water keeps your senses sharp and shocks the body into believing it’s cold, especially when your head goes under, too. Your system recalibrates again once you’ve come up for air while basking in the warm sunshine. If this refreshing method is how you like to beat the heat, you’re probably going to need a swimsuit with minimal surface area, since by the time your bathing suit dries out, you’re ready to go back in the water. Teeny bikinis like the Neon Trimmed Triangle Bikini are optimal. There’s barely any fabric that needs to dry off here, so you can take plunge after plunge in the pool. Ditto with the Bay Of Angels Crochet Bikini Set. This itsy-bitsy bikini dries fast thanks to its minimal skin coverage and looks cute as can be with a white ribbed fabric and pretty baby-pink trim.

Neon Trimmed Triangle Bikini

Bay Of Angels Crochet Bikini Set

Naturally Chill Snacks

It’s not even a question: you’ll nix that can of “hard” seltzer, since everyone knows alcohol and sun are both dehydrating to the max. You’d rather lower temps in a health-conscious way with naturally cooling snacks like watermelon and cucumbers. Equally temp-busting beverages like iced peppermint tea and coconut water are staples in your thermos––no additives or artificial stuff here! A wellness buff who is committed to her health even during a heat wave might want to consider wearing bright colors reminiscent of her favorite cooling snacks for a fun change of pace at the beach or the pool. The juiciest of watermelons inspires the delightful hue of this Pink One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit. The simple maillot silhouette with a single shoulder adds serious style impact, too. Want to stay as cool as a cucumber? You better believe it when you’re rocking the Green Knotted Cap Sleeve Bikini. This suit has two soothingly verdant tones and a unique cap-sleeve bikini top, incidentally a design that’s ideal for boosting smaller busts, FYI.

Pink One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

Green Knotted Cap Sleeve Bikini


Sure, you could hope for an outcropping of trees or long shadows to keep you cool, but who wants to chance it during the searing midday hours? You’re the person who totes along a parasol everywhere to create your own shade bubble when the sun is at its brightest, even if said parasol is actually just an umbrella. (The word “parasol” just sounds so much nicer, no?) As someone who’s not content to leave their heat-beating strategy to chance, you’re likely to have strong feelings about swimwear, too. We suggest sweeter, more obviously feminine swimsuits to pair with your parasol. A bathing suit such as the Blue Floral Lace Trim One-Piece Swimsuit pulls out all the stops. Charming floral print: check. Lacy trim: check. Ever-so-slightly-daring plunge neckline: check. For bikini enthusiasts, the purposely mismatched but still color-coordinated Floral And Stripe Knotted High Waisted Bikini is a winner. The contrast between the two prints on top and bottom make it distinctive, just like your parasol (er, umbrella).

Blue Floral Lace Trim One-Piece Swimsuit 

 Floral And Stripe Knotted High Waisted Bikini

Frozen Treats

You’ve been known to BYOC (bring your own cubes) in the portable cooler for a multi-purpose chill. A little lump of ice in your drink––or rubbed on the back of your neck––goes a long way when it comes to weathering summer’s blistering heat. Not that you’re always so virtuous. You’ve never said no to a popsicle, frozen grapes, a single-scoop cone, or a frozen daiquiri to be honest. It follows that an ice queen like yourself will appreciate stand-out, look-at-me swimsuits meant to be noticed. Say hello to the Leopard And Neon Trimmed One-Piece Swimsuit. This not-so-subtle maillot might feature a classic silhouette, but the leopard print body (meow!) is trimmed with vibrant neon piping for extra pop. For more a body-baring approach, head towards the Teal One Shoulder Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit. This sculptural bathing suit is cutout in the center and at the single shoulder strap––all the better to rub those ice cubes on your midriff and collar.

Leopard And Neon Trimmed One-Piece Swimsuit

Teal One Shoulder Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit

Didn’t find your new swimsuit yet? Never fear, new arrivals are here. Be sure to check out best-loved, top-selling bathing suits here, too!

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