Style Hack: How To Wear Your Swimsuits All Winter Long

Style Hack: How To Wear Your Swimsuits All Winter Long


Who says you have to put your swimsuits away just because it’s not summer? Not Sixoneosix, that’s for sure! Yeah, we know that it’s wintertime (cue the mittens and mugs of cocoa), but there’s still ways to wear your swimsuits in the so-called “off season.” It’s simply really, but you have to think beyond the beach—something that’s admittedly tough to do—and repurpose your favorite swimwear into outfits for all kinds of activities. With a little creativity and a couple of Sixoneosix swimsuit styling secrets that you should definitely borrow, you can bring a touch of the beach to your closet, a soiree, or even a fitness studio any and every day of the year!


Style Hack #1: The One-Piece With Jeans

As you probably know, the bodysuit is making a major comeback these days. Right alongside it are all the other trends that have resurfaced with a vengeance from the 1990’s. We’re talking about scrunchies, neon, and high-waisted mom jeans. So go for it and wear a simple, solid-color one-piece like this Pink Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit from Sixoneosix instead of a bodysuit with jeans for a minimalist-meets-grunge moment. While you can certainly pair your swimsuit with aforementioned baggy-fit denim for a full-on vintage look, there’s no need to commit to 90210-inspired styling if that’s not your thing. Instead, remix a solid-color or two-tone maillot with cropped wide-leg jeans and a chunky cardigan. The combination of sleek, body-hugging swim fabric (which conveniently holds everything in, by the way) along with the volume of wide-legged jeans and the tactile appeal of a texture-rich knit is a total winner.




Style Hack #2: The Tankini As A Top

Tankinis are so genius that whoever came up with the idea deserves a prize. The coverage of a one-piece swimsuit with the tug-free design and endless mix-and-matchable variations of a bikini is always going to score an A-Plus when it comes to dressing for the beach. But it’s just as easy to make the most of your tankini’s two-piece design in winter. Ditch the bottom for later (see tip #3) and wear the tankini top alone. A classic, simply styled tankini top is a natural switch-hitter for a tee, so consider teaming it with a zip-front hoodie or one of this year’s top trends, a lightweight fleece jacket for a look that’s all comfort and ease. Or think beyond the sweatshirt if you really want to make an impression. Our advice: layer the tankini top like Taste Embroidery Bikini Set with a coordinating sheer mesh top or bodysuit right underneath for a sexy, winterized version of a favorite night out look.


Style Hack #3: Bikini Bottoms As Yoga Wear

Yoga teachers are always talking about “no judgements”, so take them at their word when you’re prepping for a yoga class. Swap out the usual leggings for your tankini or bikini bottoms instead, and you’ll be enlightened with a few inherent benefits. First, there’s more skin contact between your limbs and your mat when you wear a high-waisted bikini bottom like Ocean Blue High-waisted Bikini Bottom, so that means less slipping and sliding around when you’re attempting certain poses. Then, there’s the increased airflow that you get from choosing to bare more skin. Chances are that at some point in your practice, you’re probably going to get rather warm. A bikini or tankini bottom will




Style Hack #4: Bikini Top Underneath A Sheer Blouse

It’s so easy to default to a plain tank or mehcamisole when you’re looking to layer something underneath a sheer top. Sure, plain is good in the sense that you’ll draw attention to the blouse you’re wearing. But it’s really more of a missed opportunity in the styling realm, where every layer can be another moment to show off your singular fashion vision. Don’t discount the added outfit-boosting bonus of switching your usual underlayer for a bikini top like this one instead. For one thing, a bikini top is already meant to be seen, so it’s going to look less revealing and more polished than a bra, which is another popular choice for sheer-top layering. It will also have structure and support to it already. Perhaps your chosen bikini top even features built-in cups, which are ideal for keeping “headlights” out of sight. Don’t think that it has to be the same color as your blouse, either. Rather, revel in the unexpectedness of it all. There’s something playful and even slightly punk rock about letting a high-contrast strappy bikini peek through a sheer top layer.



Style Hack #5: Printed One-Piece As An Accent Layer

Back to those old tank tops you have crunched up in a corner of the drawer. Why blah-ify an otherwise fun winter outfit with a sad, solid-color tank when you can make your look pop? Instead we suggest...stick with us here...wearing a printed one-piece swimsuit like this Shirred Floral One-Piece Swimsuit to add texture, color, and pattern to your ensemble. Think about it: the cold weather means you’ll have to layer like crazy anyway, so why not make an unexpected style statement while you’re at it. The perfect way to do this is with a perky printed maillot suit underneath it all. Let us give you some inspo to ponder—a floral-print halter swimsuit with an off-the-shoulder, slouchy sweatshirt. Yep, sounds good. A striped tank suit with a button-down shirt, left open but tied at the waist. So effortlessly French, mais oui! A polka-dot maillot with a dainty vintage cardigan? Cute as Doris Day. There’s a million ways to make this match work for you.



Style Hack #6: A Peplum Tankini Top For A Night Out

If you opted for one of Sixoneosix’s peplum-waist tankini tops, you’re in luck. This feminine, flirty design is perfect for subbing in when you’ve worn your favorite “going-out” top a few too many memorable nights. (Think photos, people. Photos!) If you’re worried about keeping the cold at bay, simply team a peplum tankini top like Black Floral Halter Tankini High-Waisted Set with a knit shrug for a ballerina-inspired look. Another option for your peplum tankini top: play up the contrast by pairing it with something tough, like a leather jacket or denim workshirt. Whichever styling route you choose, know that a peplum tankini top looks crazy-hot with a bodycon skirt or with derriere-accentuating skinny pants. Simply finish the look with a spindly set of high heels and statement hoops and BOOM! You’re out the door, looking amazing.



Style Hack #7: A One-Piece As A Leotard For Studio Workouts

Getting dressed for a fitness class is practically a workout in itself these days. A girl can lose her breath as easily trying to keep up with exercise clothing trends as she can trying to keep up with the instructor. Make sure the effort is all physical—not emotional or closet-based—and streamline your pre-fitness class routine by wearing your most substantial, secure swimsuit instead. Why, you ask? Surely, you’ve spotted someone in a leotard or unitard sweating close by recently. Whether it’s in a throwback cardio dance class (side note: let’s kindly agree to call this what it really is—aerobics) or a ballet barre workout, cute spandex one-pieces are making the rounds. A good swimsuit—like Purple High-Neck Halter One-Piece Swimsuit from Sixoneosix—is basically a stand-in, without the upcharge of a fancy athleisure store’s branding. So, we’d suggest wearing your swimsuit with sweatpants, pulled down early-aughts-level low on the hips. Or partner your one-piece swimsuit with runner’s shorts and leg warmers for a retro-inspired lewk. Now take a guess who’s gonna be the new style star at your favorite studio? Uh-huh. That’s right. It’s you.


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