Floral Swimsuit Trends

If you’ve always gravitated towards floral prints, this certainly is your year. If not, well, we can guess what you’re thinking, and we’re right there with you––no fashionista worth her designer handbag would forget the famous verbal eye-roll, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” While we’d never intentionally cross Miranda Priestly, we have to respectfully disagree with that frequently meme'd quote because, in fact, this spring’s crop of floral-print swimsuits is looking fresh as (dare we say it?) daisies. (We do dare!)

Happily, this year’s top floral trends encompass a wide variety of looks, from retro and boho to ultra-feminine and romantic, with a match for every sort of shoreline style. So, whether you’ve never worn a floral pattern to the beach before or you’re already in a deeply committed relationship with flower-powered swimwear, let’s get to it and run through the newest iterations of the floral print.

Boho Florals

Who says floral print has to be so cloying all the time? Not us! This interpretation of the floral print trend feels more eclectic, full of vintage inspirations, unique silhouettes, and irreverent combinations, though always maintaining the same free-spirited attitude. It’s time to rethink floral prints when suiting up for the beach.

Both the print and the bandeau top of the Floral Smocked Bandeau Bikini reference the hippie chic look of the late 1960s and early 1970s, but there’s nothing antiquated about this two-piece swimsuit. The low-rise bikini bottoms and eye-popping coral color ensure that. Another modern touch to love: the straps on this smocked bikini can be worn straight over the shoulder or crisscrossed the back.

A frilly bikini top adds plenty of zip to the mellow floral-print briefs of the Orange Ruffle Bikini With Floral Bottom. While this type of swirling Jacobean floral pattern is more common for interior design, it provides an interesting counterpoint to the bikini top’s highlighter-bright orange hue. We’re totally here for the delicate openwork trim below the waist on those bottoms, too.

The Retro Mini Floral V-Neck Bikini showcases the versatility of the boho-inspired floral prints we’re seeing everywhere for spring and summer. The floral-print two-piece swimsuit here acts more like a three-piece swimsuit (if that’s a thing), since the dark green foulard-style floral pattern on the briefs reverses to solid red for a completely different look. This is particularly helpful when you’re packing a travel bag, since it’s like bringing along two bikinis for the suitcase space of one.

There’s something about a print-on-print look that says, “I’m part of the global gypset.” This in turn gives us the urge to both break out the charge card and pretend we just got back from Marrakesh. With its purposely mismatched pieces, the Red Polka Dot Cutout Bikini is a great example of this cultivated coolness. Because the boho vibe is all about being carefree and easy (who could be bothered to match, dahling?) but also glam with a capital G, the combination of a polka dot bikini top and a high-waisted floral print bikini bottom makes total sense in the context of this sub-trend.

Solid & Floral Swimsuits

A great way to dip your toes into floral print if you haven’t done so before, this trend combines solid colors and floral prints within the same swimsuit for a mixed-and-matched look that’s anything but typical. This variation on the floral-print theme is also just right for those of us who take the long view when it comes to trends, incorporating them in a less straightforward way so that they can be worn season after season without looking dated.

The Floral Print Capped Sleeve Knotted Bikini is like a juiced-up version of an ultra-feminine swim look. While the cap sleeves, the tie-front bustline, and the romantic rose print say, “girly girl,” the fuchsia bikini bottoms broadcast that you're a sparkplug who isn’t afraid of bold choices, thank you very much. This two-piece swimsuit is a surefire way to command attention at the beach.

Just like it mixes floral print with solid colors, the Colorblock Floral High Waisted Bikini also combines modern styling with retro touches. The colorblocked bikini top wouldn’t be out of place at a sailing regatta, but the floral-print bikini bottoms tell another story...one that’s a bit steamy, actually! The high-waisted cut features lace-up details at the sides for a vintage lingerie-like look.

Apparently you can have it all, as proved by the Pink Floral O-Ring Cut Out One-Piece Swimsuit. Combining the bareness of a bikini with the styling of a maillot, this monokini also mixes solid and floral print elements seamlessly. How, you ask? It’s the cutout midriff that makes it all flow so naturally together, of course.

One of the most flattering options for hitting the beach or the pool, the Floral And Black Halter One-Piece Swimsuit works its visual magic by pairing a colorful rose-print halter up top with a sleek black bodice below. This swimsuit gives you all of the drama of a floral print and all of the slimming effects of a black one-piece––a win-win situation if ever there was one.

Tropical Florals

Sure, you might be sitting in a backyard lawn chair rather than sunning yourself on the shores of Wailea Beach, Maui, but you can still suit up like you’re in the South Pacific. This branch (pardon the pun) of the floral print is both colorful and vibrant, two qualities that wake up all skin tones, so it’s definitely worth adding tropical floral-print swimwear to the shopping list.

For those who dare to bare more skin and want a non-traditional tropical print, the Olive And Floral Ruffled Lace Up Bikini is the way to go. The frilled details and strappy wraparound styling of this bikini top look sophisticated in a dark olive shade, especially in contrast to the white and orange hibiscus-printed bikini bottom. Plenty of cheeky exposure in the back ensures all eyes will be on you.

The newest variations of the tropical floral print are rather artistic, as is the case with the Tropical Fun One-Piece Swimsuit. This swimsuit makes the most of its tank silhouette, treating it like a canvas for a multihued illustration of lush foliage and bold blooms in pink and orange hues. The green crisscrossing straps and trim at the bustline perfectly frame the print––and the figure, too.

Designed with an unexpected color combo, the Light Aqua And Leafy Lace Up Bikini offers another take on the Hawaiian-style print. Featuring a polychrome tropical floral pattern on a white background, the bikini bottoms reverse to a hot pink hue––turning this two-piece into a colorblocked bikini, should you tire of wearing blooms to the beach.

Cottagecore Florals

By now, everyone’s familiar with the spate of floral nightgowns and house dresses meant to make all of the downtime at home more glamorous in a granny-chic sort of way. So it should come as no surprise that this trend is rolling onwards––to full social media domination––in the form of cottage-cute floral print swimsuits.

A judicious use of pure white along with spring-green floral print lends an air of innocence to the White And Floral High Waisted Bikini. This two-piece combines all of the things that feel of-the-moment into one look: the top’s sweet, scalloped edges, the bottom’s high-waisted cut, and the mix of solid and floral print pieces. It’s swimsuits like this one that make us want to open our wallets and buy into this trend again and again.

Thanks to the Sweet Floral Bowknot Tank Bikini, country charm has never looked more sultry. The floral print, on a white background here, definitely owes something to vintage bed linens and dish towels, but somehow looks completely fresh––and wildly sexy––due to the plunging neckline of the bikini top. Cap sleeves and a high-rise waist give this two-piece swimsuit an aw-shucks sweetness that balances everything out.

We shouldn’t leave out the Teal Floral Scalloped One-Piece Swimsuit when we’re talking about romantic floral-print swimsuits. A best-seller with over 700 reviews (it’s a five-star style, thanks), this maillot’s cabbage rose print and scalloped halter neckline make it a perma-popular option regardless of what trends come and go. However, as the cottagecore movement shows no sign of slowing down, we’re seeing this floral-print one-piece swimsuit in a whole new, highly fashionable light.

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