CUPSHE Body Part Series: Bust

We’re back again with more swimsuit inspo to make you feel like a million bucks when it’s time to hit the beach. Hint, hint: you’ll nail this by drawing attention to what you love about your figure––it’s all about body positivity here!

This go-around, we’re focusing on how to highlight your bust, whatever your bra size may be. We’ve got helpful ideas about how to maximize the impact of “the girls” with the right bathing suits, no matter what you’ve got going on up top. Here are some clues to help you flaunt your beautiful bustline whether you’ve got a small chest, medium-sized curves, or cleavage galore.

Small Bust Booster: Ruching

Who says we should all be coveting big bazooms? A smaller bust means less fuss and more ease when it comes to choosing a summer swimsuit. From one-shouldered silhouettes to string bikinis, small cup sizes don’t obstruct from a sleek line or a dramatic design. That said, swimwear with ruched details is the ultimate small-chest flex. It can add volume to the right places, creating a bodacious look that amplifies the bust in a natural way without the need for “cutlets” or “cookies,” aka: extra padding that often gives the impression of trying way too hard.

Small-busted babes have multiple reasons to get excited about this cute one-piece swimsuit. It compliments your figure to no end and incorporates the trend of the season, a midriff cutout, into the mix in the most appealing way. Clever details like ruffled trim and ruching fill out your proportions, and the drawstrings at the top can be cinched for more bust definition, too.

A bikini like this one (that’s sold as separates) works well if you have a small chest but larger measurements below, like in the waist and/or hip areas. Go ahead and buy different sizes for the top and bottom if that’s the case; the fit will be so much better! The bikini top here riffs on the racerback format––check out that lace-up detail in the back. But we picked it for the ruching in front, which will lend more definition to your bustline. The contrasting colors (peach on top, turquoise on the bottom) also convey a carefree attitude that’s the actual definition of unstudied, surfer-chick-inspired coolness.

The myth that every plus-sized woman is also amply endowed in the boob department has been busted (pun intended) many times over. Yet somehow there’s still a preponderance of molded cups and underwire swimsuits in the plus market. Happily, two-piece swimsuits like the Sky Blue And Stripe Print Plus Size Bikini are here to help out. This purposely mismatched duo works on the same principles as the Mavis combo directly above: the top is ruched in the center-front and features a similar racerback, but the bikini bottom is styled with a higher rise, a fun zigzag pattern, and more coverage in the rear end. They’re sold as pieces rather than a set so you can pick up a different size top and bottom for the perfect fit. Add to cart, ladies!

Medium Bust Enhancer: Cutouts

There’s really nothing holding medium-sized chested women back from donning any swimsuit style that they prefer. Since everything is yours for the wearing, focus instead on increasing bust impact with well-placed cutouts that reveal the platonic ideal of cleavage––not too little, not too much. This can be accomplished with either one-piece swimsuits or two-piece swimwear, and by using single or multiple peek-a-boo details. Simply pick the right amount of exposure for you.

The Lina bikini is edgy in a totally unique way. First of all, we’re crazy about the idea of updating a swimsuit in a menswear-inspired print. Add in some rich, earthy neutrals and you’ve got capital-F Fashion. The bandeau bikini top features a cutout right in the center of the bustline, complete with drawstring ties. This means you can expand or minimize the amount of cleavage you’re exposing with simple adjustments. The ochre-hued bikini bottom is solid and pared-down, so the attention stays on the houndstooth-patterned top.

If you’re more of a maillot kind of gal, a sweet one-piece swimsuit like this cutout one might be the ideal bathing suit of the summer. Soft self-tie details in front contrast nicely with the hints of exposed skin. The cutouts create a one-two punch at the bust and the mid-section, combining cleavage and tummy exposure for a look that’s as alluring as any bikini. An unexpected desert-sunset color ups the sophistication factor, too.

This isn’t your mom’s swimdress, okay? A plus size one-piece bathing suit in regal purple, this feels so much more playful and prettier than the skirted options of yore. That’s partly because it’s flared from the waist like a cheerleader’s skirt and doesn’t cover the entire derriere. Hello, we’re here to flaunt our figures, not bury them under yards of fabric! The keyhole cutouts up top offer a hint of cleavage teamed with some underboob exposure (so sexy) and break up the line created by the swathe of bold color. The result is distinctly flirty, and not at all fusty.

Large Bust Beautifier: Underwires

If your cups overfloweth,’re probably sick of seeing that pun by now. Large-chested ladies already know that proper armature is the key to more than just a great-looking silhouette. It’s also crucial for general comfort and even helps to reduce back and neck pressure. For the record, we suggest leaving teensy triangle tops out of your swimsuit search, since those fabric-scrap bikinis aren’t well suited to the well-endowed. Ditto with chest-flattening tank suits (you know those one-piece swimsuits with over-the-shoulder straps and little in the way of boob support). Underwire-enhanced swimwear is the way to go.

The Khloe bikini is all modern-day beach goddess feels with a touch of Old Hollywood mixed in. The wide halter neckline and underwire cups meet the girls’ needs in style, lifting up your bust and offering more support. Since it’s built similarly to a bra, bounce is minimized (perfect for an impromptu game of Marco Polo in the pool) and nothing spills over. The matched ruched-side bikini bottoms keep the overall look glamorous, so feel free to accentuate it by breaking out the cat-eye sunglasses and waterproof red lipstick.

The Mila maillot proves that solid-color swimsuits are more than merely flattering. We’d call this one-piece both sexy and sophisticated, with the contrast topstitching adding some serious couture vibes––think vintage Madonna in Jean Paul Gaultier during the Truth or Dare movie period. No cone bras here, though. Instead, the molded underwire cups and adjustable lingerie-style shoulder straps give this one-piece swimsuit the look of a seaworthy corset. The whole package is perfect for smoothing out the silhouette and showcasing a full bust to its true potential.

Structure gets a bad rap. Without it, everything’s in free-fall mode. The same applies to a plus size swimsuit. The Catherine floral bikini top keeps curves under control so bazooms can claim the spotlight. The molded underwire cups lend support and wider-than-usual straps adjust for added lift. Mesh trim lightens the overall look and gives this bikini top a lingerie-inspired feel. The two pieces are sold individually, so you can buy a different size in the bikini bottom and build a tailored-for-you fit. Prefer a mix-and-match look? The Teal High Waisted Plus Size Bikini Bottom makes a good sub-in here if total coordination isn’t your thing.

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