Cover Up Styling Hacks

You’re super-excited to rock your new Sixoneosix cover up, but it seems so limiting—even downright unfair—that you can only wear it only to the beach or the pool. Did you know that a cute coverup has more to offer than just being a swimsuit’s partner in crime? There are more ways than you ever expected to sport this summer staple both outdoors and inside. We’re breaking down these stylish hacks below, because we’re all for making the most of your purchase and maximizing your wardrobe at the same time.

Atop a Tank & Cut-Offs

As the unofficial uniform of summer, a tank top and a pair of denim shorts are a staple combination, whether worn on sizzling city sidewalks or blazing hot country backroads. While dependable, this daytime duo can seem a little stale after months of heavy closet rotation. Freshen up an otherwise-quotidian outfit with a colorful kimono (ahem, we mean your cover up) for a pop of color and pattern. Emblazoned with daylilies, sunflowers, and palm fronds, the Tropical Floral Short Cover Up brings the lush flora of the jungle to wherever you, your tank, and your jean shorts are currently located. Normally we would suggest wearing the Yellow Tie-Dye Tassel Trim Cover Up over a swimsuit in a purposely mismatched print or in a contrasting color, but imagine how well this kimono would pop against the simplest white tank—we’re talking even a men’s undershirt here—and your fave pair of cutoffs! The tassels lend textural appeal and the bright orange color is basically an outfit-maker on its own. Other iterations to try include the Colorful Floral Cover Up, which is serving serious Summer of Love vibes. The rainbow hues and kaleidoscopic pattern on this open-front cover up are simply begging to be worn with round sunglasses, beaded jewelry, and toe-ring sandals in the hippie-chic mode.

Tropical Floral Short Cover Up

Yellow Tie-Dye Tassel Trim Cover Up

Colorful Floral Cover Up

Layered Over A Slip Dress

It’s true that no one’s really “going out” in the way we used to (at least for the moment). Regardless of that, there are still times you want to dress up for the occasion, whether it’s a date with someone special or an outdoor dining experience with only your nearest and dearest. However, it’s still boiling hot outside and complicated outfits are out of the question and off the negotiating table. Those killer high-waisted jeans? Put ‘em back in the closet for now. Instead, pull out that sheer ankle-grazing cover up you’ve been sporting to the beach. Cover up styles like the White Lace Sheer Cover Up make for an airy extra layer on top of a simple slip dress, and look appropriately elegant when teamed with a strappy pair of sandals. Plus, the combination of a figure-skimming slip dress and a slightly oversized lace overlay creates a unique play on proportions that’s flattering as well. Another ideal option for this styling treatment is the White Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Cover Up. It may be maxi-length and long-sleeved, but this cover up is also entirely see-through and features deep slits at the sides of the hem (good for walkability). Partnered with your slip dress, it conveys a romantic layered look that’s breeze-friendly to boot.

White Lace Sheer Cover Up

White Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Cover Up

Instead of a T-Shirt

The term “endless summer” has taken on a whole different meaning lately and seems to reference the indefinite amount of time until life returns to normal. It’s tempting to spend the rest of the season’s long daylight hours in the same three short-sleeved T-shirts when you’ve got no major plans (we know because we’ve done it, too) but it’s probably not very mood-enhancing, FYI. Dressing to please yourself can help to keep your spirits up. Plus, you don’t need to buy anything new to do it—just look in through your collection of cover ups. A cool crochet style like the Ivory Crochet Round Trim Cover Up easily doubles as a top when you’ve hit maximum T-shirt fatigue. Winning details like crochet, an exaggerated rounded hem, and a relaxed fit keep things feeling low-key and but directional. If you skew more to the tank side, the White Fringe Trimmed Tank Top will tick all the boxes. Swingy fringe trim at the hem makes this cover up into a viable tank alternative with lots of visual interest. Wear these pieces while enjoying all of the many seasonal pleasures that are available: a bite of a perfectly ripe peach, a cool-off run through the sprinklers, a sunset watched from the comfort of a porch chair. Summer’s still got plenty to offer, after all.

Ivory Crochet Round Trim Cover Up

White Fringe Trimmed Tank Top

For Trying Out The “Soft Aesthetic”

Indoor (and outdoor) time spent around the home is currently enjoying a surge in popularity like never before, so it makes sense that country and farmhouse-inspired ensembles are on the rise and in the ether. We freely admit to being captivated by the Cottagecore images streaming through our feeds, with all of the nightgown-meets-prairie-dress frocks it entails. But on further thought, some of the Insta-friendly outfits we’ve hearted are thoroughly impractical or downright financially unattainable...and let’s not even talk about the reclaimed-wood chicken coop we briefly considered building! Rather than going all-in on the Cottagecore-Soft Aesthetic trend, consider repurposing your swimwear cover up for a similar effect. If the White Ruched Cover Up took a DNA test, we’re fairly certain that it would appear somewhere on the Peasant Blouse family tree. If you have a balcony or a field of wildflowers to roam in, this poet-style crochet-trimmed top should be in your shopping cart. If not, you can still snag it—we won’t tell. There’s also the White Buttoned Maxi Cover Up, which marries the crispness of a cotton nightgown with the easy styling of a button-front shirt, aka: naptime, but make it fashion. It’s meant for lounging around both inside and out. Or pretending that you’re the star of a period movie with first-rate production values. It’s also appealing for venturing outside the confines of your country idyll (ok...or your fourth-floor walk-up apartment) when worn as a belted dress. A cinched waist lends definition, so buckle up with a weathered leather belt or tie on a charming fabric sash.

White Ruched Cover Up

White Buttoned Maxi Cover Up

As an Entertaining Kaftan

Do you know what’s really chic? Hosting company while floating around in a giant swathe of colorful fabric, then topping it all off with major jewelry, a turban, or both. People did this during the mid-20th century, and it was a power move back then. Can we please agree that it’s time to bring back the entertaining kaftan now? Nothing seems more appropriate for the small, socially distanced gatherings happening these days. While it is possible to invest in some amazing vintage finds, it’ll be easier on the bank account and take far less screen-browsing time to just repurpose your cover up. Detailed with a tile print, the Blue And White Print Kaftan brings as much global glamour to intimate backyard dinner parties as it does to the beach. Wear it off the shoulder with a stack of bracelets and chandelier earrings for the full effect. The Navy blue Floral Print Cover Up is somewhat sheer, but a slip, unitard, or (dare we say it?) a swimsuit underneath will take care of that issue. Who cares if you’re wearing it to “host” your housemates while they crack open some beers after work? You can still be fabulous.

Blue and White Print Kaftan

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