Color Trends For 2021

Wondering what hues will rule 2021? Look no further, because we’ve got the lowdown on all the up-and-coming women’s swimwear colors you’ll be seeing everywhere, from your social feed to the beaches at spring break, in the coming year. We’ve grouped the colors by theme, from highly saturated happy hues to oh-so-cool pastels, so you can get a bird’s eye look at what’s coming down the pipeline trend-wise. With all of these appealing shades, it’s easier than ever to pick a swimsuit that’s perfect for future patio preening, sunny surfside adventures, and pool parties.

Warm Hues: Yellow, Bubblegum Pink, Tangerine & Coral

One of the most important color trends for next year, so-called “sun-warmed” shades are upbeat and smile-inducing, an antidote to the muted feel of everything in 2020. Things will certainly be looking up when you wear vivid yellow, fresh-squeezed tangerine, lush coral, and candy pink swimsuits.

Optimistic Yellow

Pantone Color Institute––ahem, it’s only the foremost color trend forecasting agency in the world––actually went on the record about this one. Optimistic indeed, this yellow is set to have a bright future in 2021. Why? Because it looks as cheery as a sunflower with a softer tone that’s suitable for a wide a range of skin colors. We couldn’t be more ready for it, since it means we’ll be sporting a suit like the Yellow Ruffles One-Piece Swimsuit. The subtle patterned fabric, the flirty ruffle, and a back that laces up for a customizable fit––totally here for it.

Bubblegum Pink

This is the year you can finally stop pretending you’re too grown up to wear bubblegum pink. This pop color may have been a favorite of little girls since, well, forever. But now it’s looking distinctly elevated and chic as one of the select shades for 2021. Try dipping your toes into the trend with the Pink And Floral Halter Tankini, with its suitably frilly, pink-as-can-be peplum-style tankini top. The bikini bottoms feature a dark background printed with coordinating roses for a mix-and-match look that does all the work for you.


Like the ripe, sun-kissed citrus fruit that gives this bold color its name, tangerine is a treat. We couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s going to be one of the trendiest hues of 2021, since tangerine has always been our main squeeze (yes, that is a pun). Fashion-wise, this versatile color can skew sporty, streetwear, or tropical depending on how you style it. Thankfully, no one will mistake the Orange Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit for a Speedo––the sexy crochet details along the back practically beg for you to pair it with a flute of mimosa in your private poolside cabana.


We can all agree that making decisions is tough, but let’s hope that next year our “tough” decisions run more along the lines of “Bali or Bora Bora?” “pina colada or daiquiri?” or “red or orange?” While we can’t promise solutions for the other two quandaries, we do know an ideal compromise for that last one, and it’s called coral. A hot color for 2021 in every sense of the word, coral melds red and orange into an enticing shade of its own. It’s also one of those rare hues that can do no wrong and warms up any skin tone, which is why it’s perennially popular in makeup and beauty. Check out the Dark Coral Scallop Trimmed One-Piece Swimsuit and see how it works its magic for yourself!

Cool Pastels: Lavender, Light Green & Shell Pink

Apparently, 2021 is the time for the revival of all things 90s-related, including pastel colors, checkerboard prints, and that Saved By The Bell reboot we spotted on Peacock. This year’s take on the pastel trend is all about gutsier interpretations of these icy tones. Think less “baby blanket” and more saturation. Following the pastel path ensures a statement-making look at the pool or on the beach.

Light Green

It seems like everyone’s obsessed with avocados these days, so it only makes sense that 2021’s trending interpretation of green veers towards fresh guacamole with a hint of crema mixed in. This is also the direction we plan to take our swimwear. The Light Green Low Rise Thong Bikini is a visual treat with supportive underwire cups up top and an ultra-cheeky cut on the bottom. This light, mentholated green is just right: not too blue, not too yellow, not too bright, not too soft. We suggest that after your sunbathing sojourn, you follow up that teeny greeny bikini with the Light Green Halter Backless Dress on the boardwalk or for a date night look.


Let’s be honest: N-O O-N-E has maintained their Zen in 2020. Even the most laid-back people we know have lost at least some part of their unperturbed chill since March. So, if like us, you’re striving for a cooler 2021, the best place to start is with a lavender swimsuit like the Lace Up High Waisted Bikini. The design feels flirty with cutouts, corset lacing, and bows, but the real star is the dead-chic color. Lighter than lilac but pronounced enough to be more than just white-plus-one, this hue’s got us (and the rest of the fashion world, by the looks of it) seriously shook.

Shell Pink

Rosé, peony bouquets, pink sand beaches...we’ll never say no to the softer side of this pretty color. Another pink (besides the bolder bubblegum we mentioned above) that’s “in” for 2021, shell pink is the island cousin of uber-popular millennial pink, more innocent than irreverent. When it comes to wearing it, we suggest lacing up the Sweet Pink Solid Bikini, with its corset-style ties in back. The perfect way to accent it post-pool is with the similarly toned Pink Crochet Tassel Cover Up. Pull up the tasseled drawstrings to flaunt the pink-on-pink combination.

Look To The Sky: White, Cerulean Blue, Silvery Gray

It seems that all those months inside staring endlessly at walls has the whole of humanity craving the openness of blue heavens filled with fluffy white clouds...and their silvery linings, of course. If this summer’s solo hikes and socially distant picnics didn’t satisfy your need for endless skies, you’ll definitely find the solace you seek in this group of colors climbing the charts for 2021.


While technically white is the absence of color, when it comes to fashion, we’re prepared to abandon any and all rigorous science. This creamy, dreamy tone is appropriate for much more than a bachelorette weekend bikini wardrobe. White can be both directional and palate-cleansing, like the White Bandeau Low Rise Bikini, for example. Simple by design, this two-piece swimsuit is a minimalist’s dream––and looks especially amazing set against dark skin tones. If you’re not ready to dive in headfirst, try the White Crochet Dolman Sleeve Cover Up. It’s got major oversized t-shirt vibes but dresses it up with an airy crochet trim.

Silver Gray

Wearing silver gray to the beach is a serious boss move, because everyone else will be wearing color, color, color and print-on-print-on-print. Hues like these would be subtle on the street but stand out all the more at seashore. Maximize the color impact in the Silvery Gray Velvet Bikini, which is less costumey/retro-futuristic than the high-shine, tin foil-like silver swimsuits you’re probably thinking of. The silvery gray velvet swim fabric here adds a plush, luxe touch to the sleek cut of this two-piece suit.

Cerulean Blue

We have a theory about why everyone says blue is their favorite color: it’s because this shade contains multitudes, from soothing powder blue to bright aqua to intense ultramarine. But 2021’s blue of choice doesn’t sit at the extreme end of any spectrum. Neither too pale nor overly saturated, cerulean conjures up a sunny summer’s day with clear skies as far as the eye can see. Try out the trend with the Sky Blue Drawstring Cover Up and simply go with the flow. With any luck, this swimsuit cover-up will match the cloudless horizon on your next trip to the beach.

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