6 Best Swimsuit Styles for Moms

Whether you’re treating the kids to a waterpark visit, setting up shop at the pool, or taking the gang to the beach, we've got you covered! We know water-centric plans with little ones require appropriate swimwear options (keeping up with them on dry land is challenging enough as-is) that are comfortable, easy to wear, and still stylish. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the 6 Best Swimsuit Styles for Moms.

Full Disclaimer: Moms can wear any swimsuit they want. If you’re a mom and you’re wearing a swimsuit, then it’s a mom-appropriate swimsuit. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a bikini or a swim dress—or literally any other style under the sun. You do you, mom!

That being said, if you're looking for suggestions on what features to look for in your next bathing suit, read on...

6 Best Swimsuit Styles for Moms

1. The Classic Ruched One-Piece

Comfort should be a priority whether you have kids or not, but it’s even more crucial if you’ll be chasing little people around on the sand and surf all day long. You really don’t have time to worry about whether the wires are digging in, or if it's too tight, or the derriere is too loose, or if everything’s where it ought to be. That's why the classic ruched one-piece is a tried and true favorite— it's east to throw on and forget about! Seek out simple (but cute!) styles that don’t require extra effort. We suggest one-pieces like the Striped And Floral Ruched Swimsuit. Dark side panels and strategically placed ruching carve out a flattering silhouette, and the maillot design is a snap to wear. It’s got plenty of fashion-forward details with hidden comfort-enhancing benefits, like the back self-tie detail that keeps straps in place without pinching. Tie it to your desired tightness and you’re done. Now you can get outside quickly and focus on having fun with your mini-me!

2. swimsuits with Secure Straps

You’ll obviously be moving around a lot if you have little ones in tow, so bathing suit styles with well-placed fixed straps are not only practical - they’re a necessity. Opt for the no-slip grip of crisscrossing straps. Straps that cross in the back hold everything in place and stay where they should (no sliding off the shoulders here) while simultaneously allowing you to move freely. Swimsuits like the Blue And White Stripe Ruffled One-Piece feature two sets of straps that cross at the mid-back with bra-style adjusters on each strap for a customized fit. Another great option? Tank top style bikini tops! (Check out some great options here, here and here.) These are the antidote to flimsy bathing suits - no shoulder straps that slip off or halters that accidentally come undone here! Banish all thoughts of wardrobe malfunctions and go frolic in the waves with the wee ones instead. 


A budge-free backside that won’t ride up is absolutely key when you’re at the beach with your kids. As the moms reading this already know, there’s no time to waste on pulling and adjusting when you’re chasing after little ones on land and sea. And guess what?! Most Sixoneosix swimsuits have moderate to full coverage (unless the product description says otherwise) and are designed to stay put. There's literally hundreds of options under €40 to choose from, but here are two of our current favorites: Blue And Leaf Print Ruffled Bikini, which features a high-rise bikini bottom that’s built to stay in place. Another swimsuit with both style and coverage is the Deep Feelings Cross One-Piece, a one-piece that is wildly flattering and versatile, thanks to the secure straps which you can crisscross to create two different looks.

4. High-waist bikinis

The higher the rise on your bikini or tankini bottom, the better chance that everything will stay in place. Everyone—moms and non-moms alike—dreads the day that their swimsuit accidentally rolls down at the waist to that awkward spot on their midriff, creating a weird muffin-top look. Bikini styles with high-rise bottoms hold everything in and firm everything up. Frolic in the waves, reach over and add the finishing touches to that sandcastle - there's nothing to worry about here.

Look for styles like the Ruffled Hibiscus Ruched Bikini, which has a high-waisted bottom that’s ruched in the front. Those gathered details help conceal any wayward bumps for an extra-flattering look that you can count on.

5. Breastfeeding-Friendly Swimsuits

Good swimsuits for new moms can be hard to come by at decent prices. Breastfeeding moms shouldn’t have to choose between a stylish swimsuit and a convenient swimsuit, or spend a fortune on nursing swimsuits. Save money and go for a swimsuit that you can wear again and again. The key is to look for details that make it easy to nurse, like frontal zippers or true wrap designs, like the Red and White Stripe One-Piece.

This wrap one-piece lets you breastfeed without having to remove everything. It's really the best of all the worlds: the crisscrossing straps in back let you move freely without slippage, while the tie-front wrap allows your baby easy access at mealtime. Plus those vertical stripes? Super flattering. 

6. One-Step Coverups

While not actually a swimsuit, multi-purpose cover ups are equally essential. There's nothing a cover up can't handle. Need a nursing cover? Need to be fully dressed in two seconds? Need a little more protection from the sun? One-step solutions like the Boho Print Side Slit Cover Up work as a loose dress. It’s versatile and polished enough to wear solo, but you can also belt at the waist for an impromptu outfit.The Sandy Cay White Embroidery Cover Up is another good option for quick changes when you’re rushed. Plus, the embroidery adds a welcome extra pop of color so you look pulled-together in a flash. Just throw on your sandals and you’re ready to haul the children wherever the moment (or their craving for ice cream) takes you.

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