11 Beach Beauty Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Looking your best at the beach or pool is all about feeling great and letting your natural beauty shine through. Keep things natural and easy with these 11 beach beauty tips and tricks for a perfect day under the sun...

Pre-Beach Tips

1. waterproof your eyes

You’ve got zero problem strutting your stuff but the thought of going sans mascara makes you feel totally exposed, more naked and afraid than the castaways on the Discovery channel? Never fear, that’s what waterproof eye makeup was made for. Just a quick word of advice: make sure to test out whatever product you’re planning to use well in advance of your trip to the beach. Everyone’s skin is different, so a liner that never budges on your friend might give you straight-up panda eyes. Keep some Q-tips in your beach bag in case of any eye-mergencies, too.

2. sun-proof your locks

Personal experience has taught us nothing leeches moisture from your strands like the sun and the sea. Prevent dryness before you hit the beach by wetting your tresses down and tending to them with a light coating of conditioner or a misting of hair oil. Take care to focus on the ends, because they’ll need moisture the most. This process acts like a hair mask, with the sun helping to activate the conditioning process. After that, sweep your hair into a ponytail or bun and avoid parting your hair to protect your scalp (hey, the skin there can burn, too). Better yet, top it all off with a fun hat or a cute head scarf for even more damage protection—with a side of capital-F-fashion, that is. 

3. apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you plan to go outside

Big surprise, the optimal time for you to apply sunscreen is not when you’re already in the sun and splashing around in the water. If you want the full effects of sunscreen (and we know you do), it’s important to apply it at least 15 minutes to an hour before you plan to be in the sun.  Why? Because like this tip, you gotta let it sink in. Plus, it’s easy to miss spots when you have your mind on other things, like finding the perfect location to set up on the sand, working on your backstroke, or the cute lifeguard over there. Do yourself a favor and put on the SPF beforehand. 

At-The-Beach Tips

4. do some DIY waves

There are a few techniques to try depending on the thickness, texture and length of your hair. Option one involves the least amount of work: take a dip in saltwater, gently scrunch your hair, then let it air dry--this is basically instant mermaid hair, people. For those of us with wiry or more unruly hair, try pulling your mane back into a braid before you get to the beach. Take a few dips underwater. Heck, do some laps if you feel like it! Keep your wet braid intact until it’s about three-quarters dry, then unbraid it and let the warm air finish drying it. You’ll be happily surprised to see that the waves you’ve created have a smooth, uniform look.

5. moisturize to protect your mani

Here’s another little secret we think you’ll want to know: nothing will deep six a fresh manicure like the combination of salt water and sand. Ever noticed how your once-glossy mani turned dull and chipped after an extended dip or a bit of bodysurfing? Yep, us too. Keep nails protected and moisturized by rubbing a bit of coconut oil on top, including the area around the cuticles, before going in the water or beginning construction on an epic sandcastle. The coconut oil acts as a buffer between your nails and the elements, which helps to prevent drying, cracking and chipping with natural moisture. 

6. try tinted mineral sunscreen for protection plus coverage

Let’s get real about the sun. Yes, we all need vitamin D, but avoiding sunburns is crucial. (Wrinkles? Skin cancer? No thanks.) If you’re worried about shine and you want a little extra coverage on your face, try a tinted mineral sunscreen powder. Most of these come in a convenient package that combines the SPF-enhanced loose powder and applicator brush into one. Simply swipe it on whenever you’re feeling the need for mattifying sun protection.

7. sunburn-proof your lips 

One of the places that’s often overlooked when we’re applying sunscreen? Lips, ladies, lips. Whether you prefer the texture of gloss, tint or lipstick, there are lots of brands that offer SPF-boosted lip treatments to protect you from harsh rays in high style. We like to layer a tinted gloss with SPF on top of a lipstick for shine and color with ample sun protection. 

8. timing is everything when it comes to sunscreen application

Experts recommend that you reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. The best way to remember? The timer on your phone, obvi. Set an alarm to remind yourself that it's time to reapply sunscreen, so you’re doing it at regular intervals. This might seem a little intense, but wouldn’t you rather be vigilant now instead of paying for it later with an uncomfortable (and dangerous) sunburn? We thought so.

After-The-Beach Tips

9. revitalize limp locks with a special rinse

Both saltwater and freshwater (hey, lakes have beaches, too!) can make your hair appear dull. Nix build-up with an apple cider vinegar rinse made of approximately one tablespoon of ACV diluted in about 8 ounces of water. Pour the mixture over your hair and work it gently into your scalp. Wash it out and continue with your conditioner. We bet you’ll love the bracingly fresh feel of it--and the enhanced shine you’ll see afterwards!

10. pamper yourself with a chilled face mask

Pop your favorite mask into the fridge (you can even do this before you leave for the beach in the morning, if that’s easier). Apply the chilled mask straight to your face and neck after a long hot day at the beach for cooling surprise. It feels like the facial version of A/C.

11. aloe is for more than just burns

Everyone knows to put aloe on sunburns, but it’s also excellent for retaining moisture even if even if there’s not a splotch of red of on you. Go ahead and slather your body with a thorough coating of aloe or aloe-enhanced lotion after you’re out of the shower. Do it again for before bed and be sure to drink extra water so your inside is just as rehydrated as your outside. Then get plenty beauty sleep so you can do it all again the next day!

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